All about Aquamarine


Gemsations Gold Vermeil and Aquamarine Earrings
Gemsations Gold Vermeil and Aquamarine Earrings


What is Aquamarine? Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family, as is Emerald. This gemstone offers excellent wearability due to its hardness of 7.5.

What color is Aquamarine? Aquamarine is a lovely stone that comes in shades of blue and blue-green, and its value is based on the depth of its color. You will rarely see a very dark Aquamarine, in fact be wary of any Aquamarine darker than London Blue Topaz. These tend to be treated stones that fade with time! This stone is often connected with stories of the sea, as its name suggests…The name means “sea water.”

Where does Aquamarine come from? Most Aquamarine comes from Brazil.

What are the metaphysical properties of Aquamarine? Aquamarine is said to bring love and mercy, calm nerves, and ease depression. It is the March birthstone, and the anniversary stone for the 16th and 19th years of marriage.

How do I clean and care for Aquamarine? Aquamarine can be cleaned in a professional jewelers ultrasonic jewelry cleaner or with sudsy warm water and a soft brush. It is a strong stone, but as always, protect your gems from scratches and blows. Aquamarine can become paler if left in the sun.

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