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Gemsations Sterling Silver and Iolite Ring
Gemsations Sterling Silver and Iolite Ring

What color is Iolite? Gem quality Iolite can be as bright as blue Sapphires, but the stones are unrelated. Iolite has a characteristic called pleochroism, meaning it shines different highlights from different angles when cut properly. It can appear blue from one angle, clear from another, and yellow from yet another. For this reason, Iolite has been called “water sapphire.” This quality made it useful to the Vikings during navigation. They used it as a polarizing filter to safely view the sun to guide their way. (Don’t try this at home!)

Where does Iolite come from? Iolite is found in India, Brazil, and Africa among other countries. The Vikings probably mined their Iolite from Norway or Greenland.

What are the mystical properties of Iolite? Iolite can be used as a soul connector. It is also said to give accurate visions, release discord and strengthen the liver. It is the gift for the 21st wedding anniversary.

How do I clean and care for Iolite? Iolite is pretty durable with a hardness of 7-7.5. You can clean it with an ultrasonic or steam cleaner. As with all gems, protect Iolite from chemicals and heavy blows.

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