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Gemsations Marcasite, Amethyst and Sterling Silver Ring
Gemsations Marcasite, Amethyst and Sterling Silver Ring

What is Marcasite? True Marcasite is related to pyrite (that is, Fool’s Gold). They have the same chemical composition, but different structures and form as different minerals. Technically, Marcasite is much too soft and crumbly to be used in jewelry. The stones that are labelled “Marcasite” in jewelry are actually iron pyrite. This information page will describe “Marcasites” that are found in jewelry so that you can understand the term when it describes jewelry items.

What color is Marcasite? Marcasite as it is used in jewelry is dark, steely, metallic gray. It is usually faceted.

Where does Marcasite come from? Marcasite is found all over the world including in Spain, Germany, South Africa and the United States.

What are the metaphysical properties of Marcasite? Marcasite has been used in jewelry for hundreds of years, but it became very popular during the Victorian age and is now used in a variety of vintage-style jewelry. It is said to increase physical endurance and help improve mental clarity.

How do I clean and care for Marcasite? Marcasite is relatively hard, but extra care is required due to the way it is set. Many settings use jewelers cement, so the stone can loosen when the cement is wet. Avoid chemicals, heat and water, especially hot water, and wipe your Marcasite jewelry with a slightly damp cloth. Be sure to wipe it dry with a lint free cloth. As with all jewelry, take care not to strike it against a hard surface.

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